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The player characters

Please share some thoughts about the characters you would like to play. This should be more a description of character traits and appearance than stats and bonuses.



Caled. A young man, his flesh twisted by fire endured as a child. Staring into the fire that burned his house and parents down around him is said to have unleashed gifts of foretelling within him. He’s the circus’s fortune teller. Exactly how good he is no one knows, but he certainly acts the part, and on occasion his warnings have steered the circus around trouble spots.
Caled values his friends and companions, and is distrustfull or indifferent to anyone else. He makes friends slowly and enemies quickly.

When Eliana is not about he has been known to treat wounds, but the herbs he uses aren’t as sweet as Eliana’s nor is his bedside manner. But his knowledge of things arcane is good.
He’s been seen to practice with a composite bow occasionally, and appears to be reasonably good with it.