Three villages

We made our escape out of Whitehaven. As we left, we learned that Lester and the page we had tricked had been accused of plotting against Lord Whitehaven. Aeron felt bad about it, Iowa was tougher. We rejoined the circus.

We traveled south for many days and were overtaken by three riders from Whitehaven, but none wanted to speak to us. We reached the great forest and two militia men stepped out of hiding and warned us of bandits. The men were from the village of Eastview, off the main road. We decided to stay there.

Further inside but on the other side of the main road was the village of Bridgewater and even further inside, by a little lake in the forest was Evergreen Glade. The three villages had suffered under bandits for a few days – this possibly being related to the inconvenience of Lord Whitehaven. We decided to spend some days helping the poor peasants. The boy Simon had seen a hobgoblin in the forest as well.

We managed to trick two bandits into attacking us between Bridgewater and Eastview and managed to take them prisoner. In the following night, however, our healer Eliane was kidnapped by childlike creatures—kobolds? We followed the tracks deep into the forest until we reached a hilly region and spotted a hobgoblin watch.