To Kill an Orc

We went along with the peasants and got robbed—everything according to plan—until we arrived at Greenwood one day to see it in flames. Bandits and goblins had attacked. We helped fight them off and organized a three village militia to go after them. Clearly our ruse would not work! When we arrived everything seemed to go according to plan but at the very end everything depended on Lady Luck. Niniel was reeling, Iowa was slowly bleeding to death—a sad reminder of foolish Aeron’s ignoble death—the peasants at the main entrance were surrounded and Alice had barely managed to heal her wounds when the orc came after her.

Both were clinging to life with their last threads.

The orc missed.

Alice did not.

“The epic part was when Iowa took out three bandits in one round ;-) Well, two bandits actually. But the third one fled at this fearsome sight. Alas, not before nicking Aeron with an arrow. The poor guy bled to death because no one knew how to stench the wound.” – GM Stefan