[Wu-Ketai Offices, VIP Executive Boardroom]

Joseph Wu stands at the head of the boardroom table, he is dressed in an immaculate suit. “We need to get a larger stranglehold on the mining and colonization sector, our competitors are almost at our doors competing for the very same resources we had to ourselves not more than 5 years ago. We need a new revenue stream and fast. I have been talking with the heads of the various departments directly, i wanted to hear it straight from them. The Makita Genetics arm think they can create a longterm hypersleep chamber that will allow a ship to travel for 50 years without a thaw. This would open up a whole new sector of worlds for us to explore and mine.”

[Exec Yes Man #1] “But what good are resources we cant use here, have you performed a cost benefit analysis Joseph? I really find it hard to grasp the monetary payback to this rational.”

Joseph glares at the executive and signals to a dark suited security tech. “I’m not finished yet! Get that guy out of here!.. The Aerospace wing have been playing with a faster method of unmanned FTL (faster than light travel) unfortunately the stresses to the central nervous system it would put humans under would be deadly. We could use androids or another synthetic in their place making it a fast and cheap method for the colonies to return the resources. It would also give us a great opportunity to test synthetics, replicants or whatever you want to call them in a live long-term scenario.

I’ve already given them the green light for the project. I asked the departments to have a Great Lake Colonist Support Vessel outfitted with 2019 long range hypersleep pods, and equipment for insertion into an Ephandra sub sector ASAP. I’ll send along an Electra Giant Class Petroleum Carrier and a Wu-Ketai Forever West Class Cargo Carrier both fitted with the new FTL these will go en-route with the colonist support vessel if not ahead of it. Make it happen, I don’t want to hear about problems, only solutions. Get it done!”


[Docking Arm, Gateway Station: Earth]

Staff Sargent Enrico Zello stands behind a lectern on a makeshift stage in front of a window overlooking the Colonist Support Vessel ‘New Hope’. Joseph Wu and some other Wu-Ketai ass kissers stand around looking proud of themselves ‘What a bunch of gorram self righteous pen pushers’ thinks Enrico as he shuffles the wad of papers and looks at the crowd in-front of him.

“Ephandra sector, we don’t know much about it but what we do know is it is a journey ripe with opportunity. It will be a long trip but will seem like only moments to us in the longest known hyper sleep trip to date, unfortunately when we wake up most of us wont have anyone to call home and tell about it. Time is an enemy that most of us cant battle as much as we try. Look around you, these are the faces you will come to know as your new family and community. They are your farmers, your builders, your shop keepers. We will make a new home in the black together.”

Loud applause, cheering

Joseph Wu moves behind the lecturn and raises his hand to quiet the crowd. “Over the last 12 months a colossal amount of hard work has been achieved since i suggested this project to my executive team. I’ve had many encouraging conversations with people and departments all over the world including high ranking officials in the Mining Regulation Commission (MRC), the Interstellar Commerce Organization (ICO) and the Extra-Solar Development Agency (ESDA). Every one of those officials wishes you all the greatest of luck. I’m not here to ramble on though about risks, financial commitments, and such things what i’m here for is to introduce you to your Captain; Captain Tyreesse Reid.”

Captain Reid moves to the microphone and taps it loudly to make sure its on. TAP, TAP, TAP as the crowd shields their ears he starts his speech. “Hello, I’ve been given the great task of making sure you all make it to Ephandra alive while you are in hyper-sleep.” He pauses. “Even though this is my first official mission i have high hopes”. He nods to the crowd and steps away from the lecturn.

Staff Sargent Zello quickly moves to the mic. “We have an extremely accomplished crew and one of the most advanced colonial transports created to date. I am 100% certain everything will go smooth and by the numbers, you have my word. Boarding will commence shortly, help yourself to refreshments until your name is called. At that time you will be taken through the boarding and hyper sleep procedures.”


More to come (need more intro)