USCS Javlin

The Voroncovo Miranda is a class of heavy expedition shuttle used by scientists, explorers and resource scouts. It can support a planetary surface mission and then return the team to its starship, in orbit. Using a self-sealing 90-ton streamlined hull (Hull1/1) it mounts a Leyland 20 MW Micro-Fusion Reactor and a McConnell C-230 2-G reaction drive (capable of vectored thrust for planetary landings). The reaction drive provides an acceleration of 20 meters per secondĀ². Fuel tankage comprising 21.9 tons of liquid hydrogen is used by the reaction drive and provides coolant to the micro-fusion reactor for 12 months of continuous operation. Integral to the 2-seat control deck is a level-1 Okuda Brightstar computer system. The lander is equipped with a standard civilian sensor package. There are 10 acceleration couches for the survey team and an integral airlock. Cargo capacity is 19.3 tons. Special features include side-mounted loading ramps, landing gear, a medbay and lab, as well as compact sleeping and living quarters for the entire team. Two GoMo QuadTracks used for local surface travel are installed at the back of the cargo bay.