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Hier kann man Goblins als Spielercharaktere rekrutieren.

This is the typical goblin foot-soldier, beloved of evil overlords and chaotic hordes. The typical goblin is slightly over 3’ in height with a build that varies between thin and obese. Features vary from almost humanoid to bestial, depending on the influences in the goblin’s ancestry. Due to their short height, goblins cannot use two-handed weapons or longbows.

A member of a goblin horde has the same saving throws as a Dwarf, but fights as a Cleric/Thief of the appropriate level. However, because goblins spend most of their time underground or in the darkest forests, they do not function well in sunlight. As a result, they suffer a -1 penalty to any saving throws or combat actions when exposed to daylight.

All goblins have infravision up to 90’. They also have a natural AC of 8. Goblin horde characters can also hide in the same way as halflings, and gain -2 to their AC when attacked by creatures that are larger than human-sized.

Reaching 9th Level: When a goblin horde character reaches 9th level, they may establish their own goblin clan. This clan will initially be formed from the those related to the goblin, but it can grow to include goblins from other clans. The leader of the clan may use its might to expand his influence.

Goblin Horde Level Progression
Experience Level Hit Dice (1d6)

(Vorschlag aus dem PDF von John Wilson)

– Alex 2011-03-09 23:13 UTC

Nachdem ich schon eine Weile nicht zufrieden war, habe ich mich jetzt umentschlossen. Wie bei Alternative Halflings wird die normale Halbling Klasse für alle Sorten von kleinen Völkern verwendet (Rattenmenschen, Kobolde, Goblins, Svirfneblin, Gnome, und so weiter) – die Unterschiede sind bis auf weiteres alle kultureller Natur

– Alex 2012-01-18 22:32 UTC