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Die Tabelle ist eine abgeänderte Tabelle aus den Wilderlands of High Fantasy.

Items reflecting a higher technological area may be available at a location with a lower technological level, but they will have been imported and if for sale will be much more expensive than normal.”

TL 9 and 10: There are very few locations with a tech level of 10 in the Wilderlands, and no more than a handful with tech level 8 or 9. Weapons: Locations of TL 0 have stone or wooden weapons, or wooden weapons with obsidian. TL 1 locations have bronze weapons (see the Player’s Hand-book). Locations of TL 2 to 4 have low grade iron weapons or bronze weapons and for this reason tend to use weapons that require little sophisticated metal-working, such as spears, maces and axes. Crude broadswords are available as low as TL 3. Locations of TL 5 and higher have fine bladed weapons. Locations of TL 9 and above can make the finest masterwork bladed weapons. It is possible for a low tech level location to have higher tech level equipment, but that would require a special situation (such as the trade isle of Mysk) and, unless noted otherwise, such items are always extraordinarily expensive.

TL Technology
0papyrus, stone, wheel, hide armor
1stirrup, waterwheel, bronze, leather armor, bronze breastplate, shortsword
2agriculture, rudder, iron
3sundial, linen, candles, broadsword, studded leather armor
4lantern, chariot, felt, scale armor
5screw, windmill, silk, steel, longsword
6crossbow, chain armor, spinning wheel
7hourglass, stagecoach, bastard sword
8knitting machine, compass, plate armor
9rockets, glasses, Damascus steel (finest masterwork items)
10telescope, calculus, sextant

– Alex 2010-12-30 17:15 UTC

Das verstehe ich als TL, und wie funktioniert das GP Limit?

– Harald 2011-01-16 21:04 UTC

Ein GP Limit gibt es nicht, weil es ja auch keinen Markt für magische Gegenstände gibt. Ich glaube die Limitierung der magischen Gegenstände war der einzige Sinn und Zweck der GP Limite in D&D 3.5. Deswegen habe ich den entsprechenden Hinweis gestrichen. Die Idee ist sicher reingerutscht weil mein Setting Buch für D&D 3.5 geschrieben wurde.

– Alex 2011-01-16 21:07 UTC