March 2014 session recap

Part 1

Regret, Kadrin and Kanryk met outside of Emeranth’s house after Regret found that the house had been ransacked. They could not find Lee. What they did not know was that Lee was hiding in the shadows close by after tricking someone who was trailing him through the city. As they were about to open the door, Halado walked about saying that the base was out of food so he came into town to stock up but found that he was low on coin he needed to find the group in get an advance so he could buy something to eat.

Kadrin opened the door and found the house in shambles with paper, books, silverware and linens strewn across the kitchen nook area just past the foyer of the house. As they were looking around a group of charnel zombies came through the door leading to the back of the house. Behind the zombies was an undead fighter dressed in old armor and carrying a greatsword on his back. He and all of his gear was light blue in color. He looked at Kadrin and asked “Are you my mommy?” Then the undead began to advance to attack the group with the charnel zombies leading the way. Lee leaped into action and took out a charnel zombie on his way to gauge the strength of the blue undead fighter. Lee and the undead blue fighter exchange attacks with neither one of them gaining any ground. Lee went into shadowform and when he looked at the blue undead fighter he saw what Lee thought was the undead fighter’s true aura. He looked like a young man, early 20s, in full war gear with a proud look on his face but fear in his eye. He then looked Lee straight in the eyes and as him “Are you my mommy?”

The blue undead fighter ignored Lee and went on down the hallway to engage with Kadrin and the rest of the group. Meanwhile out of the bedroom on the first floor more charnel zombies appeared along with a blue undead woman dressed in priest or magic user’s robes. She was yelling “Mother! Where are you?” over and over. After taking out the charnel zombies Lee engaged with the blue undead woman. Neither could get an advantage. Meanwhile down the hall, Kadrin and the blue undead fighter stepped into melee with Regret, Kanryk and Halado giving ranged and spell support on the remaining charnel zombies and giving buffs and heals to Kadrin as needed. Finally the blue undead fighter dropped as did the charnel zombies that had charged them. While they were fighting they saw a green poisonous cloud drop out of the ceiling in the middle of the hallway obscuring the two groups from one another. Lee attacked the blue undead woman and got her down to bloodied when she disappeared into the floor only to pop up in front of him and attempt to hit him with a single claw. With an immediate interrupt of Lee’s going off, she missed and he shadowstepped back behind the wall of poisonous gas to rejoin the group so they could all fight the blue undead woman together. When the poisonous gas wall dissolved, the woman was gone and the group started to explore the house.

They first explored the den area and then moved into the master bedroom area. Both of those rooms were ransacked as well. As they entered the room they saw the blue undead woman floating up into the ceiling. After exploring the room and investigating the portal they made their way upstairs to the second floor. They opened the door at the top of the stairs and saw a room with two portals one that had been there before and a second one that was slowly dissolving and losing its magic. Before the fading portal stood the blue undead woman. Lee shifted his appearance to that of the blue undead fighter and had a brief conversation before the blue undead woman attacked him. The group focused on her and she soon fell cursing her Mother for bringing her back only to die again.

Part 2

A Necklace of Keys was on the blue undead woman. It was quickly determined that one of those keys was a portal key that was attuned to the portal in the upstairs room. While Regret worked on understanding the new portal key in the bedroom, Kadrin, Halado, and Kanryk searched the upstairs while Lee searched the front hallway and kitchen nook area. Taldorean came to the house to give the 3rd level magic items they had requested. He also said that the Woodstone Brothers were coming from Hammerfast to begin work on the adjustments to the hideout and would arrive this afternoon or in the morning.

Kadrin found a secret room that ended up being a library that looked to have not been used in about 20 years. The room was clean otherwise and showed no signs of being ransacked as the rest of the house had been. (Cannot remember) found another secret room right across from the secret library. It was a small armory containing all kinds of melee weapons placed around the room. In one corner of the room there was a suit of armor on an armor dummy that was identical to the suit of armor the blue undead fighter was wearing. Behind it was a greatsword hanging on the wall. Neither the armor or the sword looked to have been used before.

Regret figured out how the portal key was used and began testing the portals in the house. The portal in the bedroom had not been used in awhile so he went upstairs to check the two portals our. The newer portal, the one that had been dissolving did not have enough magic left it to determine when it was last used. Seeing as it had not been there the last time they used the portals they concluded it was really new, less than a week. Regret tested the other portal and he determined that it has been used recently but not sure if it had been used to come to the house or leave the house. He decided to use the portal but he found a magical lock on it. It would take him a 5 hours to unlock the portal. They decided to take an extended break to recover from their adventures while Regret worked on the portal lock. The complete rest would last 13 hours to give Regret enough time to finish and to get an extended rest. Watches were set. 13 hours passed with no incident.

Halado and Kanryck went to the Inn to get some food. On the way they picked up a group of teenage girls who were admirers of the group since they had saved the city from the Winter King. They followed Kanryk to the Inn and waited there while they got food for that day and set up food delivery for the house. When they returned Regret was ready to test the portal. When he opened the portal he recognized the stonework on the other side. It was Andok Sur and the portal they could not to work that they had found there in the area of the Winter King. Lee said he would go through to investigate. He went out of the room and noticed at the end of the hallway an open door that had not been there before. He came back through the portal, told the others what he had found and they all came through the portal and went to investigate the new area.

Kadrin opened the door and there were more charnel zombies waiting for them and at the back of the room on a raised area was Mirianna, wife of Emeranith, stand before a portal beginning to cast a spell. She yelled at them “So you have found the true killer of my husband. By Doresain, you will join him.” The charnel zombies charged the group while Mirianna stayed back launching a barrage of spells on the group. While they slowed the group down, she did very little damage to them and soon she was bloodied by Kadrin who had made his way to the raised area in the back on which Mirianna had been standing. She took one step back into the portal and was gone. But, the portal did not close and Kadrin could see that Mirianna had ported to Markalhay’s office and was holding Markalhay with a katar to his throat while more charnel zombies milled about the room. Kadrin entered and the rest of the group followed as they could through the portal. Markalhay did a wrestling move and got the upper hand on Mirianna. Lee attacked Mirianna while she was held and both of them cast interrupting spells and defensive interrupts negating either others attacks they ended up on opposite side of the office. Kadrin closed in on her as Regret, Halado and Kanryk focused on the charnel zombies. Mirianna fought against Kadrin with her katar and began to summon more charnel zombies through the CC security set up in Markalhay’s office. Kadrin gave her a death blow, the zombies on the screen disappeared and she swore an oath of revenge beyond the grave in the name of Doresain, the servant of Orcus.

Part 3

Markalhay began to thank the group for saving his life but Regret interrupted once again insulting Markalhay. Markalhay snapped and told Regret that he would get his reward but to leave his sight immediately either by the front door or by the portal they came through. Lee, Kanryk and Halado went out the office door only to come back and go through the portal once they realized that Kadrin and Regret had gone through the portal. They regrouped at the house deciding to go back to the hideout to check out things. Lee and Kadrin decided to go first with Regret following shortly after and Kanryk and Halado coming through after visiting the Inn for more food. When Kadrin, Lee and Regret came through they saw an ettin and an owlbear attacking the Inn at the crossroads and the immediately jumped into attempt to help the two people that saw laying near the owlbear. Lee and Regret attacked the owlbear while Kadrin attacked the ettin. Soon Kanryk and Halado joined them. Kadrin finally took down the ettin after a nasty fight. He was assisted by Regret, Halado and Kanryk while Lee and one of Regret’s minions took on the owlbear. They all attacked the owlbear. Lee shadowstepped into the Inn to see how bad people were hurt inside. There were two people injured inside, one with a destroyed arm and another with claw marks across her chest. Lee shadowstepped upstairs after seeing someone run up the stairs. While invisible he asked if everyone was okay and was mistaken for a demon by the frightened people there. He told them everything was fine and to stay in the Inn until the fight was over and they said we will stay away from the demon. He went back outside to help finish off the owlbear. Once the owlbear was defeated they Kanryk checked the people who were outside. They had been mauled to death. Going inside he was able to save the man with the arm injury but he lost his arm. The woman who had the chest wound did not live. He then helped patch up other guests of the inn and staff of the inn with minor scrapes and bruises that had found shelter behind the bar inside the inn. He went upstairs to check on the people there. They were okay but asked if the demon had been defeated. He assured them had. He went back downstairs with the others who had determined that the ettin and the owlbear had come from the direction of town. They then remembered a threat that the tiefling in Andok Sur said concerning an ettin and owlbear companions of his were on their way and would find the group eventually. The group then decided they would return to their hideout to check things out and get some rest in the safehouse rooms in the bottom area.

Part 4

The group made their way to their hideout without incident. Lee shadowstepped in to make sure things were safe and saw three floating halfling heads with their spinal cords and entrails still attached. Lee went back and told the group what was in their lair and they all rushed in to take care of the new threat. Lee noticed that the halflings looked like the ones the bandit gang the group had defeated in one of their first mission for Markalhay. As they fought the halfling heads, the wondered how the heads had been brought back to life. Was it something Markalhay had done or Mirianna or someone else. After defeating them they checked the rest of the hideout and everything was good. Regret decided to attune the portal in the main room so it would take them back to the house in town and to have the portal in the secret area in the house now take them to the hideout instead of the crossroads. Remembering that Taldorean had said the Woodstone Brothers would be coming to work on their hideout for them, the group used the portal to go back to the house. Lee checked the front door of the house to see if any messages had been left by the Woodstones. Seeing none, the group decided to first stop by Markalhay’s to give him an update and to see about payment for their services. Regret decided he would go to the Temple of Erathis while the rest of the group went to see Markalhay. Kadrin, Lee, Kanryk and Halado went to Markalhay who first off apologized for his outburst to Regret. Then he gave them each a sack containing 500gp and a writ of commission for 2 magic items of 8th level or lower for them. The group left his office, picked up Regret and then made their way to Taldorean’s.

Part 5

It was between 9pm and 10pm when the arrived at Taldorean’s shop. The lights were on so they knocked and Taldorean welcomed them with kind words and ale. They sat around for a while drinking and talking about adventures old and new. Then came a knock. It was Toren Woodstone. He was injured and said that his brothers had been kidnapped by duergar. Regret and Kanryk healed Toren of most of his wounds. Lee was concerned and spoke with Taldorean and Toren about the Underdark and its many dangers. The group said they would go to find the Woodstone Brothers. Toren said “Bring back them and the duergar’s blood and drank his tankard of ale in one gulp then took Halado’s half finished tankard and finished it off as well. Toren and Kadrin did the same. Toren could not be talked out of not going. He wanted to show the group exactly where his brothers had been taken and perhaps get some revenge for his injuries along the way. As they were making their to the Main Road, Lee and Toren had a talk and Lee showed him how he would be fighting the duergar. Toren was not pleased and decided he could not fight beside Lee. Once he showed them where the fight had taken place and the trail that his brothers had been taken down he returned to Taldorean’s shop.

Part 6

The Kadrin and Halado tracked the duergar and followed their tracks till the trail stopped at some raised ground. After a brief search they found a hidden entrance to a mining and refining work area that had a mix of dwarven and duergar architecture. It was originally dwarven made but the deurgar had made some “improvements”. After a short hallway the first room seemed to be empty except for a few piles of debris and a large hole in the floor about halfway across the room. Lee scanned the room and saw a slight movement for a duergar on top of some scaffolding at the other end of the room. It looked to Lee that the duergar thought he was hidden. Lee shadowstepped to the top of the scaffolding and seeing a second deurgar below the first one, he attacked the first. The rest of the group joined in the fight after Lee had a surprise attack. The first duergar got past Lee without knowing it and made his way down the scaffolding looking to attack the advancing group. Lee continued his attacks on the first one while the rest of the group attacked with their ranged weapons and spells or waited for the duergar to get into melee range. A third duergar dressed in robes appeared on top of the scaffolding. Lee pulled/pushed the first duergar into the hole. There never heard it hit. Looking in they saw lava but it was blue not red. Kadrin would later figure out it was enchanted lava that could be used to make weapons and armor. The last two duergar were defeated. Lee investigated the scaffolding and found two doors leading into another are where 10 duergar workers were smithing at two large forges and a duergar guard who was not paying attention. As Lee entered he saw a blue tinted fire elemental of some kind come out of the lava. The group burst in and took all of them out in very little time. They looked at the weapons that were being created. They all had the blue tint that the lava did but they all looked incomplete or flawed. They searched the room and then went through the doors at the back of the room. As they entered they saw 3 more duergar in robes, an imp hovering in the back of the room, another blue tinted fire elemental, a deurgar with a blue tinted pulsing warhammer and above a pit of blue lava a cage holding two dwarves that looked so much like Toren than they knew they had found the Woodstone brothers. Lee stepped up to the imp, Kadrin advanced on the duergar with the blue hammer, Regret sent his minions to two of the robed duergar, Halado and Kanryk attacked the elemental and the third robed duergar. Kadrin dropped the duergar with the hammer first, then the elemental and the robed duergar followed. The imp gave everyone problems by vanishing and then reappearing across the room to attack another person. He finally disappeared and did not reappear. Halado who was out in the hallway, felt a rush of wind that the group believed was the imp making its escape. The Woodstone Brothers told them to look for a mechanism under the table. Kadrin found it, analyzed it and discovered that the chain holding the cage was attached to something in the walls and ceiling that would drop the cage bringing the Brothers to safety. He pressed the button and not only did the cage come down but a metal floor closed over the lava pit. As they were making their way out of the refinery, Kadrin and the Woodstone Brothers talked of going into business together and a deal was all but made before they made it back to Taldorean’s shop. Toren was very happy to see his brothers back and alive and made his appreciation known to the group.