Cairn's Hold

Cairn’s Hold

A former dwarven hold turned into a major city after the event.

People flooded towards the fortress of Cairn’s Hold from the fields of Anamere when disaster struck. Reluctant at first, the dwarves struck a deal with the people of the fields. In exchange for providing refuge for them and their descendants, the dwarves would claim the firstborn of every household as soldiers to be trained. This birthed the Order of The Beholden, an order consisting of conscripts claimed by the debt, whose sole purpose is the defense of Cairn’s Hold. In addition to this, the non-dwarven population would every year pay an eighth of their earnings as tribute to the dwarven council.

This sudden influx of people quickly had the fortress expanding outward into the mountain passes beneath, as well as deeper into the mountain. Within a hundred years, the hold had evolved into a grand city.

Due to the event, magic has been outlawed within the city and its area of influence. This includes Koln, West port, New port, and Wayrest, as well as numerous small villages. Excluded from this rule are priests and clerics, who are allowed to perform divine healing and blessings of the gods.

The Districts


Fourteen dwarven lords, one for each of the great houses function as a council, voting upon each major matter concerning the city. Lesser councils consisting of important individuals, both dwarven and non-dwarven, rule each district of the city separately. The rulings of the councils are final, although it has been known to occur that the great council overrules decisions made by the lesser councils.

Skaggrim’s Vault

It is said that within the Granite Keep, beneath miles of rock and earth, the great treasures of the dwarven folk are kept safe. Steel walls thick as castle walls make Skaggrim’s Vault nigh impenetrable. Named after it’s creator, a renowned smith and inventor who had an aptitude for trickery, the vault reaches deep beneath Cairn’s Hold, housing untold riches from even before the event. Few alive have ever seen the Skaggrim’s creation from the inside, as access to the vault is claimed by the heads of the great houses with only a few exceptions.