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Amidst the dangers of The Devastation lies a lone settlement. A place where the only ruling law is the law of the wasteland: You get what you can take. Sanctuary has become a haven for those trying to escape the iron grasp of order. It is filled with all sorts of outcasts and pariahs, from deserters and thieves to killers, and even mages.

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The Devastation

A terrible event left the fields of Anamere a barren wasteland, now only known as The Devastation. Heavy arcane residue made the whole region unhospitable and deadly to any who would dare near. Only recently, not ten years ago, have these energies subsided. While largely uninhabitable, areas of the devastation are still rich with minerals. Because of this, Cairn’s Hold and its provinces quickly began sending expeditions and prisoners to begin extracting these resources.

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