Amphoron of Yothri, Worker

Amphorons of Yothri

The creatures have jointed, metallic shells, clanking limbs, and one glistening, glassy eye.

Clearly, they are not of this world.

Amphoron of Yothri (Worker)

XP 100 ()

N Small

Initiative +0


AC 17 (natural armor)

hp: 13 (3d6 + 3)

Resistance: Damage from magic spells and spell-like effects

Immunity: Piercing damage from nonmagical weapons; poison damage; charm, fright, paralysis, poison, stun, unconsciousness


Speed: 30 ft.

Multiattack: The amphoron attacks twice with pincers.

Melee Attack—Pincer: +2 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d8 piercing damage.


Str 9 (–1), Dex 11 (+0), Con 12 (+1), Int 8 (–1), Wis 9 (–1), Cha 6 (–2)

Languages: Common

Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.


Flicker: Roll 1d6 for every amphoron in play at the start of its turn. On a roll of 1, the amphoron “flickers” due to a momentary interruption of the connection across time and space. Flickering lasts until the start of the amphoron’s next turn. While flickering, the amphoron can’t be attacked and can’t inflict damage. It regains 2 hit points when it rematerializes. A controller flickers only on a roll of 1 on 1d20, but if it does, all amphorons under its control also flicker.

Highly Charged: Worker amphorons carry a high static electrical charge. Any living creature that begins its turn within 10 feet of a worker amphoron takes 2 electrical damage from static discharge.

Levitate (1/day): Once per day, a worker amphoron can cast levitate on itself as an action. No components are required.



Organization: Work gang (1d4 workers) or crew (1d4 – 1 workers, 1d3 – 1 warriors, and 1d2 – 1 juggernauts)