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Components: V, S, M (a sketch of the target)

Casting Time: 1 hour

Duration: 1 day

Range: 120 ft.

Area of Effect: All creatures within range

Saving Throw: Wis / negates effect

You select an animal (for example, a lion) or image (such as a shining sword) or ideal (such as honor) and associate it with a specific individual. Each creature within the spell’s range must make a Wisdom saving throw. Each creature that fails the saving throw associates the person with the animal, image, or ideal for as long as the spell lasts. A positive association increases the starting attitude of those around the affected target by one step; hostile becomes indifferent, indifferent becomes friendly. Likewise, a negative association decreases the starting attitude by one.

This can be a subtle way to influence a group: By planting an association that links a lord to wickedness or to a serpent, the caster can undermine morale in that lord’s dominion for days. Friendly advisers become indifferent, for example, and unfriendly rivals become hostile.

Enhancement: For each spell slot used higher than 4th level, the association lasts for an additional day.