Bubble Goop

Bubble Goop


Components: V, S, M (tree sap)

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: Until scraped off

Range: 120 ft.

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Saving Throw: Dex / negates effect

You breathe out a bubble that floats quickly toward one creature within range. If the creature fails a Dexterity saving throw, the bubble bursts over it and covers it with goo. Creatures covered with goo suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Dexterity checks, and their speed is reduced by 10 feet. In addition, creatures covered in bubble boop can’t cast spells with somatic components.

The bubble goop remains until an affected creature or an adjacent ally uses an action to scrape it off and the affected creature makes a successful Dexterity check.

Enhancement: For each spell slot used higher than 4th level, you can create one additional bubble. Each bubble can be targeted against a different creature.