Corpulent Bloat

Corpulent Bloat


Components: V, S, M (handful of raw animal fat)

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: Permanent

Range: 30 ft.

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Saving Throw: Con / negates effect

You curse one creature you can see. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw against the curse. If the saving throw fails, the target creature bloats into a horrific mockery of itself. Nonmagical belts, buckles, armor, clothes, shoes, and other garments are all destroyed by rapidly expanding rolls of flesh. The now-obese victim quadruples in weight and girth, loses 4 points of Strength and 6 points of Dexterity, and its speed is reduced by 10 feet. Each month, it loses an additional point of Constitution. Ability scores can’t be reduced below 1 by this spell.

The creature returns to its previous size instantly if the curse is lifted by magic.