Demonic Knight

Demonic Knight

This creature appears as a mansized humanoid dressed in black iron armor. Its head is completely hidden by a dull black helm.

Demonic Knight

XP 1,800 ()

CE Medium

Initiative +1


AC 17 (half plate armor +1)

hp: 81 (10d8 + 36)

Resistance: Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons


Speed: 20 ft.

Multiattack: A demonic knight attacks once with its anarchic longsword and once with either its breath of unlife or its fist.

Melee Attack—Anarchic Longsword: +9 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d10 + 6 slashing damage (treat as magic damage).

Melee Attack—Mailed Fist: +8 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d8 + 5 bludgeoning damage.

Ranged Attack—Breath of Unlife (recharge 5, 6): automatic hit (range 10 ft. cone; creatures in the cone). Hit: 6d10 necrotic damage, or half damage with a successful DC 15 Con saving throw. A creature reduced to 0 hit points by this attack dies instantly; see Create Spawn below.


Str 20 (+5), Dex 13 (+1), Con 18 (+4),

Int 17 (+3), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 18 (+4)

Languages: Abyssal, Common

Skills: A demonic knight applies its proficiency bonus (+3) to all skill checks.

Senses: Truesight 60 ft.


Create Spawn: Any humanoid slain by a demonic knight’s breath of unlife returns to life in 2d4 rounds as a shadow demon under the command of the demonic knight that created it. The new shadow demon remains enslaved to the demonic knight until the knight’s death. They do not retain any of the abilities they had in life.

Spell-like Abilities: The demonic knight can use the following spell-like abilities, using Charisma as its casting ability (DC 15, attack +7). The demonic knight doesn’t need material components to use these abilities.

At Will: detect magic, see invisibility, wall of ice

2/day: dispel magic, symbol

1/day: fireball, power word stun

Summon Demonic Aid (1/day): Once per day as an action, a demonic knight can summon additional demons to his side. He can summon 1d4 shadow demons, 2 glabrezus or hezrous, or 1 vrock or marilith. To complete the summoning, the demonic knight must make a successful DC 18 Cha check (normally a 50% chance). The summoned demons teleport into empty spaces within 60 feet of the demon knight, of his choosing, and remain until they’re slain or for one hour.


Environment: Any (Abyss)

Organization: Solitary or troupe (demonic knight plus 2–4 demons of or lower)

The demonic knight—known incorrectly by some as a death knight—is rumored to be the creation of the great demon prince Orcus, the Prince of the undead. Some sages doubt the validity of that claim, since demonic knights are not undead. It is known, however, that three of the most powerful demonic knights (Baruliis, Caines, and Arrunes) make their homes on the same of the Abyss as the Prince of the undead, within the shadow of his great citadel. The true origins of the demonic knight lay hidden deep in the stinking pits of the Abyss, and those brave few who have dared search for these secrets have never returned.

Demonic knights serve their master (whoever it may be) with unswerving loyalty. They never question their orders and never question their superior. They are often sent to the Material to recruit new bodies for their master’s next plot or deception, or to punish those that have offended their lord. On some occasions, they are simply sent to another to corrupt and slay those that are just and good (to the delight of their master).

A demonic knight appears as a 6-foot-tall humanoid dressed in black iron half-plate armor. Its head is completely hidden beneath a helmet that it never removes. A black iron longsword is clutched in its mailed fist or sometimes slung at its hip. Some demonic knights don jet-black cloaks and other decorations as a badge of station. It is unknown how many demonic knights exist, but sages of such things claim that arcane logic dictates there can be no more than nine.