Divine Beacon

Divine Beacon

Components: V, S, M (Holy symbol)

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: 24 hours

Range: Self

Area of Effect: Self

Saving Throw: None

When you suffer one of the following conditions, this spell causes a great beacon of light, visible only to s, to appear in the sky overhead. The circumstance that befell you determines the color of the beacon.




Falling unconscious during combat


Falling unconscious outside of combat


Critical hunger or thirst that causes you to suffer penalties


Voluntarily triggering the beacon as an action


Your death

The beacon can be seen by s from up to 50 miles away even in daylight, provided it’s not obscured by fog or rain, or blocked by obstacles such as mountains or towering trees. If the fallen is underground, the beacon appears in the subterranean chamber where the fell and also in the sky above. s of 10th level or higher have a 10% chance per level above 9 to see the beacon despite all obstacles.