Ice Sled

Ice Sled



Components: V, S, M (a ball of snow)

Casting Time: 1 minute

Duration: 12 hours

Range: 50 ft.

Area of Effect: 5 sleds

Saving Throw: None

You summon up to five sleds that can travel rapidly over snow and ice. Each sled can carry up to 500 lbs. of material, including passengers. The sleds are made of extremely sturdy ice and are connected to each other by 10-foot chains of ice.

As an action, you can cause the sleds to travel at a speed of 60 feet in the direction of your choice. The sleds can continue to move as long as one of their runners is on snow or ice. If a sled moves onto an area where there is no snow or ice, or if the spell ends, the sleds shatter and crumble into loose snow.