This ghostly creature resembles an enormous crocodile burning with flames of unlife as it swims out of the darkness toward you.


XP 200 ()

CN Large

Initiative +3


AC 13

hp: 19 (3d10 + 3)

Immunity: Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical or nonsilver weapons


Speed: fly 30 ft.

Melee Attack—Bite: +5 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d8 necrotic damage and the target must make a successful DC 11 Wis saving throw or take 1d6 + 3 psychic damage.


Str 1 (–5), Dex 16 (+3), Con 13 (+1),

Int 7 (–2), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 12 (+1)

Languages: Abyssal

Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.


Ghost Flames: Every creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of a kurok-spirit must make a successful DC 11 Con saving throw or take 1d4 necrotic damage. The creature’s maximum number of hit points is reduced by an amount equal to the necrotic damage, and the kurok-spirit gains the same number of temporary hit points.

Incorporeal: A kurok-spirit can move through solid objects and other creatures as if they were difficult terrain. The kurok-spirit takes 1d10 force damage if it is still inside something solid at the end of its turn.

Soul Eater: A creature slain by a kurok-spirit can’t be raised from the dead; its soul was devoured by the kurok-spirit and no longer exists.


Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary or bask (2–5)

A kurok-spirit is a ish spirit that manifests as a ghostly crocodile, seeming to “swim” through the air. Its most startling feature is the gray, ghostly fire that swirls and churns around it constantly. This fire drains life from living beings and transfers it to the kurok, which is ravenous for the stuff.

The most frightening aspect of the kurok-spirit, however, is that they devour the souls of the dead. A person slain by a kurok is lost forever; no magic short of divine intervention can return them to life. It’s hypothesized that the souls consumed by a kurok aren’t really destroyed but would be released if the kurok itself was tracked down and destroyed. These creatures are so rare, however, that this notion has never been tested or confirmed.