Pocket Paradise

Pocket Paradise

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: 24 hours

Range: 100 ft.

Area of Effect: Sphere, 300-ft. radius

Saving Throw: None

You render a performance in song, oration, or music that evokes the image of a lush paradise. As the performance continues, your description grows more vivid in the minds of the viewers, until after one minute all willing creatures within range find themselves physically transported to the location you’ve described.

The exact design is left to you, but typical paradises resemble balmy tropical islands, silk-strewn seraglios, or crystal towers atop craggy mountains. Whatever the appearance, the total area of the paradise is a 300-foot-radius sphere.

Those within the paradise find themselves the subject of pampered treatment at the hands of a staff of illusory servitors. Delicious food and drink are plentiful. The paradise has a soothing effect on the minds of those within it. Creatures who rest at least one hour in the paradise find themselves cured, healed, or recovered from all exhaustion, fright, poison, and stun.

A creature can opt to leave the paradise at any time before the spell’s duration expires. Once someone leaves, they can’t return. If you leave, the spell ends and everyone remaining inside is ejected as well, returning to the spot they came from during your performance. Any items you take from the paradise vanish when you leave.