Twig Torture

Twig Torture

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Components: V, S, M (a personal object belonging to the caster, twine left outside during a full moon)

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: 8 hours

Range: 1 mile

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Saving Throw: Wis / negates effect

You form a crude representation of a humanoid creature from dead twigs. Something belonging to the target must be incorporated into the twig doll. The creature must make a Wisdom saving throw. If the saving throw fails, the twig doll is mystically linked to the targeted creature.

As an action, you can break or burn parts of the twig doll to injure the linked creature. A maximum of 10d6 force or fire damage can be inflicted on the linked creature. The damage can be done all at once, or in smaller amounts at a time. For example, you could spend an action to inflict 1d6 fire damage on your turn. On your next turn, you could do 5d6 force damage. This leaves 4d6 damage that could be inflicted at a later time.

The doll is destroyed and the spell ends when 10d6 damage has been done.