Components: V

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: Instantaneous

Range: 120 ft.

Area of Effect: Cylinder, 10-ft. radius, 10 ft. high

Saving Throw: Dex / negates effect

You cause all buckles to become unbuckled and all clasps to become unclasped in a cylindrical area 10 feet high and with a 10-foot radius, around a point you can see. An affected creature can negate the effect on

Undead Alteration

itself with a successful Dexterity saving throw. Armor that’s unfastened by this spell remains on the creature wearing it, but the creature’s AC is reduced by 2 until it spends an action refastening it. The spell only affects clothing, armor, and other accoutrements such as pouches and backpacks. It does not affect locks or latches.