Water Double

Water Double

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: See text

Range: Touch

Area of Effect: 1 body of liquid

Saving Throw: None

By touching a body of liquid ranging in size from a goblet to an ocean, you cause the liquid to form an exact duplicate of the first living creature to cast a reflection on its surface. The liquid holds the spell until it’s triggered, and does not evaporate while so enchanted.

When a creature casts a reflection on the liquid, an exact double rises from the liquid in the same round. The double is as large as the amount of water allows, up to the same size as the original creature. For example, if the enchanted liquid is contained in a goblet, then the double can be only about 6 inches tall.

Once it appears, the double remains for 10 rounds. The water double’s speed is twice that of the original creature. It can’t use any of the creature’s equipment, spells, attacks, or special abilities. Being amorphous, it can flow through cracks and openings as small as one-half-inch square. It can’t be damaged or physically destroyed, but it can be dispelled.

The water double tries to touch the creature it resembles, moving toward it by the shortest available route. It must make a successful melee spell attack to touch its original, using your melee spell attack bonus. If it misses, the double collapses into a puddle and the spell ends. If it hits, the double spreads across the target’s body, engulfing it in a film of crushing water; the target takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage at the start of each of its turns. After taking the damage, the target can make a Constitution saving throw; a successful save ends the spell.