Weather Calming

Weather Calming

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 minute

Duration: 1 hour

Range: Self

Area of Effect: Sphere, 30-ft. radius

Saving Throw: None

You create an area of calm, pleasant weather in a 30-foot radius around yourself, regardless of what the weather beyond is like. Within this bubble the temperature is mild and the air pleasantly warm or cool (your choice), even if a blizzard or a hailstorm is raging outside. This can’t produce sun on a cloudy day, but it does provide shade on a sunny day, as if the bubble were tinted.

If weather calming is cast inside an area affected by control weather or other, higher-level weather-controlling magic, the caster must make a spellcasting ability check. The DC equals 10 + the level of the weather- controlling magic being countered. Weather calming fails and the spell slot is expended if the spellcasting check is unsuccessful.