Wrack the Mind

Wrack the Mind

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 action

Duration: Instantaneous

Range: Touch

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Saving Throw: Int / negates effect

Your hand glows with crackling black and red energy as you touch one creature within reach. The creature must make an Intelligence saving throw. If the saving throw fails, the creature loses 2d6 points of Intelligence (to a minimum of 3) and must roll on the following table to see how it is cursed. On a successful save, the creature loses half that amount of Intelligence and suffers no additional effect.


Curse Effect


The target is frightened of you.


The target develops a severe phobia to a common object. Anytime the target is within 15 feet of the object and is able to perceive it, he or she becomes frightened until the object is again more than 15 feet away. You choose the subject of the phobia. The object should be common, but not ubiquitous. For example, ‘wooden spoons’ would be an appropriate subject, but ‘shoes’ would not.


The target automatically fails Intelligence checks.


The target is confused (per the confusion spell).


The target suffers amnesia and is unable to recall details of its past or cast spells.


The target’s mind regresses to a childlike state.

The curse effect can be ended by remove curse or comparable magic, and greater restoration or comparable magic can repair the ability loss. Otherwise, the effects of this spell are permanent.