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This small, goat-headed humanoid combines long, backward-curving horns, goatlike legs, a brutish face, and a short, bushy tail with a very human-looking torso. Thick brown fur covers their legs, back, and head. They adorn themselves heavily with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings,

and other such trinkets, and all fyrs, male and female, braid and decorate their beards.


*XP 50 ()

Neutral Small

*Initiative +1 —- *DEFENSE

*AC 11

*hp: 9 (2d6 + 2)

*Saving Throws: See Resilient below

Resistance: Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from

nonmagical weapons


*Speed: 30 ft.

*Melee Attack—Battleaxe: +4 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d8 + 1 slashing damage.

*Melee Attack—Headbutt: +3 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). Hit: 1d6 + 1 bludgeoning damage and the target must make a successful DC 11 Dex saving throw or be knocked prone. If the target is knocked prone, the fyr can make an immediate battleaxe attack against it as a

bonus action.


*Str 12 (+1), *Dex 13 (+1), *Con 12 (+1),

*Int 12 (+1), *Wis 13 (+1), *Cha 13 (+1)

*Languages: Common, Sylvan

*Skills: Animal Handling +3, Arcana +3, Deception +5, Insight +3, Nature +3, Stealth +5

*Senses: Darkvision 60 ft. —- *TRAITS

Resilient: A fyr has tactical advantage on all saving throws.

Spell-like Abilities: All fyrs can use the following spell-like abilities, using Charisma as their casting ability (DC 11, attack +3). A fyr doesn’t need material components to use these abilities.

At Will: animal friendship, speak with animals

3/day: faerie fire, pass without trace

2/day: beast sense, conjure animals

1/day: dominate beast, invisibility

Weapon Attunement: Fyrs have an ability to attune themselves with any wood-handled weapon, so that they get a +1 attack bonus with such a weapon once they’ve handled for at least 10 minutes. This bonus is already

included in the battleaxe attack line above.


*Environment: Any and

*Organization: Solitary, band (2–5), or troop (6–11)

Fyrs are satyrlike creatures that make their homes in the mountainous wilds and dense forests, locating their lairs in secluded caves or caverns or under a dense covering of tangled branches and leaves. They are also a nomadic race, rarely staying in one place for longer than a few months before moving on. If they have neighbors, fyrs never give notice before leaving; one morning, they are simply gone. Despite being so often on the move, fyrs acclimate themselves to their surroundings very quickly.

Fyrs are great lovers of animals, and most animals instinctively return their affection. Fyrs are seldom encountered without animals in their company. Typically, for every two fyrs in a group, there will be one to three animal companions from this list: badger, black bear, boar, brown bear, elk, giant badger, giant weasel, goat, hawk, panther, or wolf. For example, a troop of eight fyrs could be accompanied by as few as four or as many as sixteen animal companions.

Fyrs are on good terms with most gnomes, druids, treants, elves, and halflings, and they often trade with them or aid them in times of need. Fyr are master jewelers, so their trinkets and baubles are highly sought by civilized races that appreciate fine jewelry. These fey tolerate humans and dwarves and likewise trade with them during those rare times when they are near a human settlement or dwarven stronghold. Fyr dislike orcs, goblins, bugbears, and other goblinoids, and avoid contact with them.

Fyrs are not great warriors, so they avoid combat if possible, but if their homeland or friends are threatened, they will fight. They prefer attacking from ambush, where their ability to become invisible gives them a great advantage. Fyrs use their natural ability to hide themselves in their terrain and attack from surprise. Fyrs like to knock their opponents prone—”bringing them down to size”—before using their axes with tactical advantage. Fyrs aren’t hesitant to retreat if the tide of battle turns against them. Pass without trace usually allows them to escape without being tracked.

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