Breaking Even

Session 11

After a day resting in ancient dwarven tombs, the party were ready to explore Koganusan once more. Like an omen, the thundering storm that they had been trudging through the past couple days finally seemed to break, despite clouds thickly covering the sky. The group took out a troop of mandrills, preparing their bodies to be smoked and turned into food to help expand the group’s dwindling food supplies.

They continued to explore, even meeting a group of somewhat friendly kobolds. The Green-Scales, they told the party about how generations ago a group of Red-Scales had come and partnered with the formerly subservient Blue-Scales to kick them out of their holy site: The Sanctum Sanctorum.

Beladin was nearly lost during a flash flood, but the group survived and killed some Giant Cave Spiders that they then sold to the Green-Scales.

Treasure Recovered:

Estimated Value: 196 gp