In Which the Party Sucks

Session 4:

Gundolpho and Asuna dove into the dungeon once more. They quickly explore new territory, finding a massive underground chasm. They accidentally set off one trap, partially poisoning Finnba, but also getting quite rich. They also discovered a trapped botanist, Val, who had been captured by goblins. After freeing him, they began making their way out of the dungeon.

On the way out, however, Val and Fianna hung back for a makeout session that turned deadly as Val - a succubus - sucked out Fianna’s life force. Despite helping her, this was fatal for Fianna. Val escaped back into the dungeon and the party left.

Gundolpho began performing an exorcism to help Finnba, but it went poorly and he got his with massive blowback. Despite rapid medical attention and using the potion of healing, Gundolpho didn’t make it.

Treasure recovered:

78 gp into group pot