Mistakes while Thieving

Session 7

Asuna and Beladin looted the evil wizard Relum’s unconscious body and turned him into the proper authorities. While Finba was spending the day copying spells, the others made their way to the tomb of Tormic Garan (who they had discovered was an outright villain). Unfortunately, while they were trying to figure out a way in, they were attacked by a warband of Orcs. They managed to fend them off, barely, and escaped back to town. There they relaxed and managed to trick Big Annamar into buying a stolen magic dagger.

That night, they were awoken by Mikail attempting to break into the Abbey and steal the Mantle of St. Garan, which he explained was cursed. The party let him continue, but he ended up getting caught. Still, they spoke up for him to reduce his punishment.

Treasure Recovered: