Mistakes with Black Pudding

Session 2:

Gundolpho and Asuna decided to search the Tomb of the Serpent Kings further, bringing along four new ones: Crest Silvia, Thayidin, Freya Arc, and Iorith. The group quickly made their way to the Basilisk they had discovered, feeding it three pigs and winning its trust. They managed to free it from its chains.

Later, they began exploring all of the doors in the atrium, eventually opening a sealed coffin leaking black tar. This released the unfortunate occupant, a mummy turned black pudding, that attacked the party. It grievously wounded several members before they managed to defeat it.

Later, back at camp, they found The Old Coot and got him to translate scrolls they found in the ruins. These scrolls, filled with mad ravings from mummies, named two important things:

Treasure Recovered: