Relaxing in Garanton

Session 5:

Asuna and the new Beladin stop diving into the Tomb of the Serpent kings to relax with a festival at the nearby town of Garanton. They sold their 3 Egg Warmers for 250 gp and bought Mother's Necklace for 100 gp. Finnba paid a local leatherworker 50gp to get a new binding for his spellbook, which is now waterproof and fire-resistant.

Everyone had a productive first day at the fighter challenges, though no one scored any points. They arranged to meet up with the artist Brant Arwell for a portrait, but he never showed up. A search party was called and the party found an ancient gate that would teleport anyone who goes inside.

Eventually, everyone went through. Everyone other than Cathnia ended up falling from the central spire and down to the pile of ancient warriors down below. Cathnia has gotten to safety, but in the darkness it is impossible to be certain.

Treasure Received: