Striking Gold

Session 3:

Gundolpho and Asuna were excited to dive back into the dungeon, particularly with the stormy weather making being outside unpleasant. Inside the dungeon, they began by tunneling into the north room of the Atrium and defeating the skeleton within. The fight was rough and they ended up having lunch inside the dungeon. Later, they began exploring the area East of the basilisk’s room. They accidentally blocked one passage by activating a trap that ended up self-destructing forcing them to go south.

There, they found a pit of flame with bones and gems inside. After recovering the gems they went further south and discovered that the key that had been under the Basilisk’s neck was the key to a huge treasure room! After accidentally triggering and then disabling a trap in the room they quickly got to work looting the place. After collecting everything and ensuring they could carry it all, they quickly made their way out of the dungeon and sold their gains.

Treasure Recovered:

25 gp went into the group pot.