The Five Nations

The Domain of Edhen

Standard: Downward sword backed by a mountain

Colors: Green and Brown

Patron Gods: Mata and Alead

Estimated Population: 170,000 people

Description: A young kingdom, currently ruled over by King Edhen who conquered several squabbling city states to establish his domain. Primarily human, the kingdom’s specialty lies in its well trained troops and excellent logistics that currently lack corruption.

The Magocracy of Enerian

Standard: Wizard tower in a crystal ball

Colors: Amber and Amethyst

Patron Gods: Aretaxi and Inokl

Estimated Population: 150,000 people

Description: A kingdom ruled by a circle of powerful magic users, it is heavily urbanized and centered on their personal magic towers. Located within a basin surrounded by mountains, this kingdom is known for its large number of magic-users and magic items that they equip their armies with.

The Iron Kingdom of Nalukkhel

Standard: A tree coiled around an upward sword

Colors: Silver and Black

Patron Gods: Trytai, Chend, and Eneavi

Estimated Population: 230,000 people

Description: This authoritarian kingdom is known for its harsh laws and military focus, but at the same time it is also the most diverse of the five nations. In particular, its army is known for having many incredibly specialized units like the feared Swamp Stalkers.

The Kingdom of Nandoras

Standard: Coat of arms featuring a dragon

Colors: Red and Gold

Patron Gods: Adali, Passualon, Kissos

Estimated Population: 300,000 people

Description: A trade kingdom ringing the edges of a great sea, Nandoras holds tradition and nobility in great esteem. While not the most effective fighting force, they do have the only proper navy of the kingdoms and are easily capable of throwing enough people, money, and mercenaries behind their fights to be a formidable foe.

The Republic of Nargalar

Standard: Five petal flower, point down

Colors: White and Blue

Patron Gods: Ileyrelli, Nou, and Alait

Estimated Population: 140,000

Description: The smallest of the kingdoms by both population and size, Nargalar is primarily made up of nomadic peoples who spend most of their lives in the saddle. They have internal squabbles, but when outside forces present themselves they are able to mobilize incredibly quickly and field the best cavalry in all the nations.