Session 01

We started out on the caravan with Horam and his daughter Inara. After introductions we encountered a lone dragonborn on the road. He demanded we give him “his map”. After approaching into melee range, Inara instantly stabbed the dragonborn in the eye. Fight broke out. After downing Inara and a few extra rounds of combat, the dragonborn suddenly asked to stop and just walked away. We did not pursue but instead opted to ask Inara about that map (after healing her for 6 hp. She is currently still at 6 hp.) She searched through the stuff on the caravan for clues and found lots of knives and other thieves tools. We also learned from Horam, that he was forced by Inara to go on that journey. He might be lying tho. But in the end we let him go with one of the two remaining wagons. We kept Inara with us.

After a long rest, we set out towards the marked location on the map with Inara and one wagon in tow. We kept her from sleeping, so she should still be wounded and weak.

At the location we found a cave entrance and were attacked by a dryad and two harpies. After a short battle, all our enemies were lying slain before our feet and we proceeded into the cave.

There we encountered 3 stone statues begging. We gave money to the wrong statue and it attacked us. After another short battle, the statue fell and we were left to figure out the puzzle.

We finally figured it out after a very very long time of debating and desparating and got through to the other side of the cave. There we found a seemingly deserted camp. While searching for clues, we were attacked by living logs and a tent, which instantly downed SiPa. After another epic battle, we stood victorious and concluded the session there. We got around 200 gold in loot and managed to take a long rest, where we leveled up to lvl 4.