Session 02

After a long rest two new friends joined out group - a dwarf and a goblin.

Together we explored more of our surroundings, encountering a 10ft. black obelisk with an evil metal sphere on top. After fighting 3 will’o’wisps, we finally tackled the sphere, and the dwarf crowbar’d it open.

Over the course of the morning an accident (in form of the goblin) happened to Inara, so I guess we’ll have to go on without her help.

Next we entered two buildings, in one of which we fought a water snake elemental (with destroy water) to receive a pale metal key. In the next room a shackled Eladrin woman turned into Scarabs who ate magic, but a giant-toad-turned Druid ate them.

The fighter took her cursed sword - this could be fun.

The same room had a flaming magical sundial which would be relevant later - it moves at 1 turn per 24 seconds.

Once out of the buildings again, the lizard decided to try their luck at the dangerous river we encountered - and only quick thinking (and octopus wildshape) by the druid saved their life.

Meanwhile, the rest of the troop crossed said river, and the dwarf and goblin started robbing some graves (3 in total for an amount of loot).

The rest of us, once healed a bit and dry again, explored another building with tapestries, showing 1 indoor scene, and many outdoor scenes. The next room in this building had the numbers 1-12, two times, etched or inlaid into the wall, and a burning immovable rod casting shadows on the numbers.

After fighting some wraiths we figured out that this dial corresponded to the burning sundial in the other room, and found a secret door. Exhausted as we were, we opted for a long rest now, though, before exploring further.