Requirements: Musician skill, Instrument. Solve a life-threatening problem with music.

Each level of Bard gives you +1 Magic Die.

  1. Riffs, Cantrips
  2. Busking
  3. Interruption
  4. Get Loud

Each template, learn 2 random riffs.

Riffs are like spells in nearly every regard, except:

You may do one of these at any time:

Spend a watch singing the tales of your adventures in a crowded place. Choose one of the following:

The second time you do this per week, it requires a successful CHR test. Subsequent times, this test has disadvantage.

Use your instrument to make a loud, horrible noise. All spellcasters in range will be unable to cast spells. All attacks in range will be made with disadvantage.

Get Loud
Your range increases to 2 zones away.

Riffs (1d12)

  1. Song of Healing: Allies gain 1d6 Grit.
  2. Song of Resistance: Allies gain +1 to saves.
  3. Song of Scaresome Might: Enemies take -1 to morale.
  4. Song of Battle: Allies gain +1 Attack.
  5. Song of Inspiration: Enemies take -1 to hit.
  6. Song of Courage: Allies gain resistance to fear.
  7. Song of Spells: Enemies must pass save vs magic to cast a successful spell.
  8. Song of Luck: Allies will make a successful critical strike on 19-20.
  9. Song of the Fleetfoot: Allies may move and attack in the same turn.
  10. Song of Discord: Enemies must save vs magic or be deafened.
  11. Song of Softness: Enemies deal -1 damage.
  12. Song of Striking: Allies gain + 1 damage.

Based on This Bard.