Requirements: Go on a hunt with a party of Chickenborn and partake of their kill.

Basically: A six foot tall, sentient velociraptor.

For every template of Chickenborn you take, gain +1 Save.
Perks marked with a * are only available to those born as Chickenborn.

  1. The Stare, Limited Flight*
  2. Saurian Rage
  3. Monstrous Appetite
  4. Pack Hunter

The Stare
If you take no action other than to stare at an enemy, they must make a morale check. Against 1 HD enemies, they make one check as a group.

Limited Flight*
You can glide up to 30’, ignoring falls of that height, and crossing that distance at a downgrade of 10’. If you try to glide longer, save vs falling or plummet headfirst.

Saurian Rage
With a mighty rooster’s crow, you puff yourself up, ready for battle. You gain 1d6 temporary grit until you run out of things to fight.

Monstrous Appetite
You can eat lunch as many times as you like, as long as it consists of freshly-slain raw meat. You suffer no penalty from eating humanoid meat.

Pack Hunter
You get +1 Attack per ally fighting alongside you, if there are more than 3, you get advantage instead. All of your allies get +1 Attack.