Each level of Acrobat gives you +1 Move.

  1. Dodge, Nah 1/day
  2. Tricky
  3. Cat Power, Nah 2/day
  4. Roast the Oaf

Free Movement
Once per round per template, you may move to an adjacent zone. This can be over rough terrain and over obstacles

Every empty inventory slot gives you +2 Defense, up to a maximum of 16 or 10+Dex, whichever is lower. This doesn’t stack with armor.

Once per day, you can declare that something doesn’t affect you. Works on anything that you could physically dodge.

Whenever you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, you can deal double damage AND attempt a free combat maneuver.
Whenever you roll a 19 on a attack roll, you deal regular damage and attempt a free combat maneuver.

Cat Power
You treat falls as if they were 20’ shorter. Cats tend to like you.

Roast the Oaf
Whenever a larger enemy misses you with a melee attack, you may force them to make another melee attack against a target within range. It’s possible to make enemies hit themselves with this ability.

Multi-class Note
If you end up taking two levels of Acrobat and two levels of Veteran, you end up with two copies of Tricky. These combine into Very Tricky.