Requirements: Spend a week in an Eelskin temple, receiving daily baptisms.

Basically: A water bending, shapeshifting, almost-mermaid.

For every template of Eelskin you take, gain +1 Attack.
Perks marked with a * are only available to those born as Eelskin.

  1. Liquid Sense, Deep Sea Ancestry*
  2. Warmth Removal, A Thousand Faces*
  3. Fish Call
  4. Straight-up Water Bending

Liquid Sense
You can feel the water within 10’ of you. This means nothing can sneak up on you in the water, or under the water while you’re in a boat.

Deep Sea Ancestry*
You can swim as well as you can walk, and go without breathing for 30 minutes. For every day you go without completely submerging yourself in water, you lose 1 maximum grit.

Warmth Removal
Given a turn, you can cause a crust of ice to form on standing water, just by touching it. Given an hour, that crust can be sturdy enough to walk on - Or you can make an icicle spear, suitable for combat. This improves to “A Round” and “A Turn” with your fourth template.

A Thousand Faces*
While looking at someone, you can rearrange your face to look like theirs. You cannot speak until you transform back.

Fish Call
With a whistle you can call every fish in 100’ to your location. This tends to end with a pile of very frantic and confused fish, who won’t fall for the same trick twice in the same day.

Straight-up Water Bending
You can pull a beachball-sized bubble out of a bubble of water and, by maintaining concentration, keep it floating in the air. You can very quickly reform it into any shape, and freeze it in an instant. This can be used as an attack, dealing 2d6 damage to a single target and push them into an adjacent zone, or 1d4 damage to up to 3 targets and knock them prone.