Basically: A magic-powered warrior who gets very homesick and eats people sometimes.

Perks marked with a * are only available to those born as Elves.
For every template of Elf you take, you gain +1 MD.

  1. Showing Up, Learn Spell, Fae Blood*
  2. Spellsword
  3. Arrow Focus
  4. Wild Hunt*, +1 Attack

Showing Up
Roll with advantage any time you try to do something that a companion just failed.

Fae Blood*
You were born in a magical biome:

  1. Forest (Deer antlers)
  2. Mountain (Goat horns)
  3. Desert (Cactus flowers)
  4. Volcano (Dragon scales)
  5. Jungle (Jaguar Spots)
  6. Swamp (Bioluminescence)

Each week you don’t return to this environment, lose 1 max HP. Magic Dice only return on a 1-2 in other environment.

You take 1 damage per round that your skin touches iron or steel.

Learn Spell
Each template, learn a new spell from the range shown below:

You use a favored melee weapon as a focus. This allows you to cast spells while armed.

Arrow Focus
Any target you hit with an arrow counts as being in range “touch”.

Wild Hunt*
You can gain 1d6 max HP by consuming the heart of a human. Save vs addiction or lose N+1d6 HP each morning, where N is the number of days since you last ate a heart.

Your spells are your ancestors and other Fey spirits

  1. Clarity
    R: 30’ T: [dice] creatures D: 0
    Target makes another Save against a emotion-affecting effect (fear, anger, sadness, pleasure, pain). This can affect yourself.
  2. Speak with Birds
    R: 200’ T: birds D: 20 minutes
    You can talk to a bird, and it can talk back. If there is a party of 3-6 adventurer’s moving through the forest nearby, a random songbird has a [sum]x10% chance of knowing where they are and if they’re doing anything extra weird. Birds of prey are rarer, but more observant.
  3. Blossom
    R: touch T: plant D: permanent
    Touched plant flourishes. Seeds germinate, flowerbuds swell and bloom, and a sickly plant regains vigor. Heals [sum] HP to a plant creature. If cast on a fruit, the fruit will grow up to the maximum normal size or 2× as big (whichever is smaller). Yes, you can use this to double your rations, as long as your rations are fruit or vegetables.
  4. Illusion of Youth
    R: touch T: creature D: [dice] days, or, if [sum] > 12, permanent (until death)
    Touched creature is cloaked with an illusion that makes them appear to be in their physical prime. Locate Animal R: [dice] miles T: creature D: [dice] hours Name a common animal. You now know where the nearest example of the animal is.
  5. Unseen Orchestra
    R: 0 T: self D: [sum] minutes
    You are surrounded by the harmonious sounds of a five-piece band for the duration of the spell. The exact instruments vary caster to caster, and the unseen band can play any song you’ve heard before. It cannot duplicate speech. You can also opt to center the effect on an adjacent location, rather than on yourself.
  6. Locate Animal
    R: [dice] miles T: creature D: [dice] hours
    Name a common animal. You now know where the nearest example of the animal is.
  7. Floral Salvage
    R: touch T: creature D: 0
    Flowers (caster chooses the type) erupt from the target’s wounds. Target takes 1 damage for every point of damage it has already taken, not exceeding [sum]x2. Save for half. If this damage kills the target, their corpse is entirely consumed by plant growth, and turns into a beautiful tree covered in flowers. Height is 2d4 x creature’s HD in feet.
  8. Beautify
    R: touch T: creature or object D: [sum] hours >6 permanent
    Target made more beautiful. Dirt falls away, pimples disappears, teeth whiten, lice vanish, gouges fill in, and varnish looks new again. Will also restore 1d4 points of Charisma if damaged, to former max.
  9. Magic Missile
    R: 200’ T: creature D: 0
    Target takes [sum] + [dice] damage, no save. As an Elf Wizard, you have to fire this spell using a bow. The spell is the arrow.
  10. Serpents of the Earth
    R: touch T: section of natural soil or stone D: concentration
    [Sum] enormous serpents of HD 1d4 crawl up from the dirt. They have Attack 13, Defense, 13 and deal 1d6+HD damage, except for the 1 HD serpents, which are small and bite for 1 damage + deadly poison. Serpents are not controlled by the caster. They’re just pissed off snakes.
  11. Elegant Judgement
    R: 200’ T: 20’ diameter D: 0
    Does [sum] damage, Save vs. Charisma for half. Like a fireball, but the flames are purple and gold. Creatures with 17 or more Charisma, non-sentient creatures, beautiful objects, the dead, or other Elves are immune to this spell.
  12. Rain of Arrows
    R: 200’ T: 20’ diameter D: 0
    Does [sum] damage. As fireball except that the caster fires an arrow into the air (which turns into a multitude) and the damage is all piercing damage. Doesn’t work in places with low ceilings (less than 100’).


  1. Roll 1d6. These continue until you rest a night in your home biome:
  2. Eyes go white and glow. You see things that aren’t there.
  3. Horns or antlers sprout/grow. It’s hard to keep your balance.
  4. You are constantly swarmed by insects.
  5. Your skin sprouts tiny flowers or mushrooms. Clouds of dust follow you.
  6. Your whole body vibrates, sounding a shrill whine.
  7. You can only be satisfied with human flesh.

Can be reversed by building a monument to your ancestors in a place of incredible beauty.

  1. Your skin becomes dry and cracked like dry mud. You lose 1 initiative.
  2. Your body becomes overgrown with plants of your biome. you lose 1d4 in each ability score.
  3. You become a statue or topiary of yourself. You remain alive, but cannot move or speak.