Requirements: Tinker Skill. Set of masterwork tools.

+2 Gear Bubbles per template

Given an hour of time and a gear bubble’s worth of supplies, you can repair a broken weapon or piece of armor.

Wrench Warrior
You can use needlessly giant tools as two-handed weapons. They deal 1d8 damage and allow you to attempt a combat maneuver with each hit.

Harder Better Faster Stronger
When you repair something you can choose to upgrade any one of these four essential aspects:

But nothing improves without sacrifice. When you upgrade one aspect, you must downgrade another.

Make a DEX or INT test. On success, you choose the downgrade. On failure, the referee chooses. The downgrades are the inverse of those above:

Naturally the actual mechanical impact of these relatively vague categories is down to negotiation with the referee.

Custom Plate
You develop plans for a full set of masterwork armor. Each piece costs 30000cp to construct and provides extra protection against one of the following (roll with advantage to save):

Fuck Off Cannon
You develop plans for a portable cannon.It costs a week of downtime and 500000cp to construct. It takes up 5 inventory slots. It can only be fired once, requiring an hour of maintenance to ready.

It also does 2d6 damage to everything in an adjacent zone (save for half).

Inspired by Ten Foot Polemic’s Crafting Rules