Bazic lee jus iz Goblan

Get Good
Each time get good, roll one time on list. Same thing, roll new. Get four thing only (eh, bee, sea, dee).

  1. Good Guts. +2 HPs, no poison eats.
  2. Good Brains. +2 Int, learn random little wizard spell.
  3. Good Face. +2 Chisma. Big big smile grin, ear to ear. Big eyes. Smell good too.
  4. Good Ears. +2 Wisdum, not never sneaked up on.
  5. Good Sneaks. +2 Dexty, +4 Stealth. So sneaks.
  6. Good Punch. +2 Strangth, +2 Attack. Like to fight. Fight you. Fight yor mum.
  7. More teef. Mouth is also daggers now. Can chew rocks, sticks.
  8. Not Dead. Fatal woonds go away 2 in 6 times. Is much good.
  9. Beetle friend. Can ride it. If dead, is good but sad, find new beetle next day.
  10. Sticky. +4 climb. Easy climb but fings get gummed up.
  11. Weird Goblan. Newtate.
  12. Ankle Bite. If fight thing bigger you, +2 Attack.
  13. Goblin friend. Is good. Maybe make more goblins? If dead, find new friend next day.
  14. Bug barf. One time in day, barf up big sack of spiders, worms.
  15. Wut? Never afraids.
  16. Lucky Goblan. +2 Save. Also, one time per day, roll one big round dice again.
  17. New Stuff. If lost arm or leg, grows back in some days.
  18. No Squish. If fall, no die. Bounce instead.
  19. Ooze friend. No acid or guts or ooze hurt you.
  20. Greasy. Can no be tied up or grabbed.