Each level of Highwayman gives you +1 Mastery and +1 Stealth.

  1. “Luck”, Five Finger Discount
  2. Opportunist
  3. Snag
  4. Great Escape

You can spend your Mastery points to benefit yourself (instead of being forced to help others).

Five Finger Discount
You can empty your gear bubbles for free. If you do this more than once per week, test Stealth or gain the attention of the local authorities.

Whenever you have a situational bonus on an attack roll (surprise, elevation, etc), you deal an additional +1d6 damage.

After making an attack against an opponent, or after an opponent makes an attack against you, you can make an attempt to grab a single item from that opponent. This ability has a 2-in-6 chance of success.

Doesn’t work on things that are held or tightly worn. (No sword or armor). Works fine on anything else. (Works on rings, things in pockets, things in backpacks.)

If you don’t have something in mind, you can steal an item at random. Whether you succeed or fail, your target is aware of your attempt.

You can also use this ability out of combat, whenever you walk past someone. Whether you succeed or fail, your target is aware of your attempt. However, if you attempt this more than once per target out of combat, you have a 50% chance of being noticed each time.

Great Escape
Once per day, you can escape from something that is restraining you and that you could plausibly escape from. This includes grapples, lynchings, and awkward social situations, but not sealed coffins.