For gain +1 Stealth and +1 Ranged for every Hunter template you possess.

  1. Animal Companion, Traps
  2. Extraction
  3. Speak With Pet
  4. Monster Slayer

Animal Companion
You can train your animal companions to perform a certain action when a condition is true. The most common one is “attack when I attack”, but other ones are possible. (Normally you’d spend a round giving orders to your pet.)

You can manufacture and set traps. It takes 10 minutes to manufacture a trap in natural terrain. Traps can be set immediately or carried around (they take up 1 Inventory Slot). Enemies that walk into your trap must make a Dex check with a -4 penalty or suffer its effects. You can choose a reasonable effect, such as: 1d6 damage, an immobilizing snare, or noisemakers. You can add additional effects, but each one beyond the first gives your target a +2 bonus on their Dexterity check. If you have additional resources (poisons, flammable oils) you can create more types of traps.

You may remove the parts of an enemy with a special or magical attack that give them their power, and use them to give yourself that power. For instance, taking a giant scorpion’s stinger to use as a poison spear, or drinking the flame bile of a drake to give yourself fire breath. This upgrade requires extensive maintenance, so you may only have one at a time.

Speak with Pet
You can speak with your pets. Not literally, but practically. You are really good at interpreting barks, for example, and your pet is really good at interpreting you. Your animal companions can speak with other animals of the same type. For example, all dogs speak Canine.

Monster Slayer
Once per day, you can cause one of your physical attacks to deal +X damage, where X is equal to the level of the highest level monster your party has ever killed. (You must keep track of this.) If you miss, this ability is not expended.

Inspired by the GLoG Ranger and The Strong from White Hack