Level Up Rules

For every 1 gold piece you spend, gain 1 XP.

Level XP Grit Flesh Save Attack Templates Mastery
0000CHR 000
1500DEX CON CHR+1110

Higher levels are every 10000 XP

Templates grant you a number of special abilities and skills. At each level 1-4, choose an additional template from any class, always starting with Template 1.

At level 5+ you may replace one of your templates.

You gain your first Mastery Point at 5th level, and every level beyond that.

You can spend a Mastery Point to alter an adjacent ally’s roll. You can influence any in-game d20 or damage roll. You cannot affect magic dice. You cannot affect natural 1s or 20s on a d20. You cannot alter your own roll.

You may spend your remaining money on a night of wild partying for 2X the XP. Make a save vs blackout to roll on the good Morning After table, if you fail, roll on the bad one.

Good Morning After

  1. Learn a useful rumor
  2. Get hired for a good job
  3. Make a powerful friend
  4. Make a loyal friend
  5. Get a powerful item
  6. Earn a title of importance

Bad Morning After

  1. Gain an awkward obligation
  2. Lose an important item
  3. Provoke social unrest
  4. Suffer debilitating injury or disease
  5. Make a bad friend
  6. Unwittingly assist evil folk

Piety, Charity, and Dues
Donating money to a church, group, or guild will give you a 1.5× bonus on the cash spent. There are likely to be some consequences for large sums spent in this way.