Mechanical Man

Basically: A robot who is always getting upgrades

Perks marked with a * are only available to those manufactured as Mechanical Men.

  1. Inferior Meatbags, Archaic Chassis, +1 Upgrade
  2. Fine-Tuning, +1 Upgrade
  3. Overclock, +1 Upgrade
  4. +2 Upgrades OR +1 Upgrade of choice

Inferior Meatbags*
Thin metal plating (as leather). You do not, and indeed cannot, eat, sleep, breath, drink or love. You can still talk. Laugh at poisons and diseases, but fear Rust Monsters and their ilk. Grit and Flesh are combined into Metal. An hour getting the dents out with your toolkit restores 1 metal. You need burnable material for your autowinder each night. Coal is 3/uses per inventory slot, wood is 1 use.

Archaic Chassis*
You cannot die under normal circumstances. If you are reduced to 0 metal, you can be brought back to life by a skilled tinker.

A skilled tinker can give you a skill, or +2 to something specific, like “save vs. spells”. You lose this the first time you drop to 0 metal.

1/day, you can take an extra action. Using it again removes your Fine-Tuning, or 1d12 damage.


  1. Roll 1d10 for most upgrades. If you get an upgrade a second time, move up a tier. Reroll if there are no more tiers
  2. Strength of 19 for inventory purposes and non-combat actions → can be used in combat
  3. Spectrographic digestion, reroll Intelligence checks if you eat a part of something.
  4. Embedded equipment (1d6: 10ft telescopic hand, flashlight, grapple hook, drill-arm, flying drone, alchemy lab) → choose one, or improve current gear
  5. Infrared sight → Echolocation, or weirder senses
  6. 2 damage reduction vs. physical → 3 DR against specific element or weapon
  7. Internal repair station, heal 1HP per round, 3HP uses a ration of fuel
  8. Arcano-capacitor, as a wand. Can be charged with wizard blood etc.
  9. Rocket boots, loud, unreliable, can only jump → “Fly”
  10. Hi-tech weapon, -2 attack but 1d12 damage, a chainsaw or a flamethrower etc.
  11. Laser eyes! 1d6 fire damage, +1 per consecutive rounds