Requirements: Spend 1 week studying under an elder Priest OR perform sacrifices at 5 different shrines.

You get +1 Save per Template.

  1. Miracles, Testing The Limits
  2. Evangelism
  3. Ceremonies
  4. Divination, Miracles

Each god has 1-3 domains, each of which has a list of commands and spells. When you cast a spell, you may roll 1 faith die for each command you are directly following.

Faith die are like magic dice except they can change size. By default your faith dice are D8s. Any result over 6 causes the dice to fizzle.

Testing The Limits
You may add temporary Faith Dice to a single spell. After casting, your faith dice will degrade a step for each temporary faith die added. Dice degrade in this order: D6 - D8 - D10 - D12 - D20

When D20 Faith Dice degrade, you lose your ability to cast spells until you perform sacrifices again.

When you worship at a shrine and make sacrifices worth at least 100gp, your faith dice are restored to D8s. With a sacrifice of at least 1000gp, they are improved to D6s.

In a crowd, you may spend an hour pontificating on the virtue and power of your gods. Afterwards, 1d4 Torchbearers and 1d4 Mercenaries approach you, wanting to follow you as diciples.

You may perform one of the following ceremonies. They take 2 hours and must be performed at a shrine, church, or site of power: Union: Two characters share Grit pools as long as they can see each other. If one dies, the other loses 500 XP. Funeral: The gathered player characters gain half of the deceased’s XP (divided between them) Sermon: A group of people can be convinced to do something, provided you can keep their attention for the whole ceremony.

Ask a question of a god, and receive the answer in a dream. The question must be in that god’s domain.

Roll 1d6 on the table below for the veracity of the answer. Add 1 if you are in a place of power, shrine or church, and 1 if you are making an appropriate sacrifice.

  1. No response. Faith dice degrade.
  2. Weird, incomprehensible response.
  3. Moderately useful omen, nothing to do with your question
  4. Moderately useful omen, relating to your question.
  5. Explicit, obvious answer.
  6. Explicit, obvious answer. Faith dice improve.

Miracles are powerful, world-changing events. You can ask for almost anything, as long as it is related to a god’s domain, and doesn’t go against their interests.

You may ask for a miracle once per day. After asking for a miracle, roll 1d20. On a 17+, the miracle comes true.

Based on This Cleric and This Cleric.