At the start of an encounter, the least sneaky member of the party should roll 1d20+Stealth vs monster HD+12. On a success, you see the monsters first.

If the side with surprise attacks, they make a full round of actions on their own, and deal damage directly to flesh.


When monsters first see the party the head of the party should roll 1d20+CHR vs monster HD+12 to see if they are impressed or intimidated enough to keep their distance.


At the start of each round, all players roll 1d20+DEX. Those who roll 15+ go before the referee, everyone else goes after.


At the start of combat, larger battlegrounds will be divided into zones. You may move to an adjacent zone as a combat action.


Choose a target in the range of your weapon. Roll 1d20+Attack vs their defense+12. On a success, roll for damage, on a crit, deal damage directly to flesh.


Roll either 1d20+Defense to avoid taking damage. On a crit, you may make an attack or maneuver against them.

If you get hit, roll for damage. Lose grit first, then flesh. Each time you lose flesh gain a cool scar.

Free Attacks

If an enemy in range does something other than attack, you may make an attack against them. You may do this once per level

Dual Wielding

If you have a weapon in your off hand, you may make an attack with it following a miss with your main weapon. Don’t add your Attack bonus for this roll. Morale Check morale for a group at the end of a round when one of them dies. Check morale for a single creature at the end of a round when they take flesh damage.

When you take flesh damage, make a charisma Test to maintain your hireling’s morale.

Creatures who lose morale checks will attempt to run or surrender as makes sense.


Each time you lose flesh, roll on the table below to see where you’re hit:

1d6Location1+ Flesh3+ Flesh5+ Flesh
1:Arm Scar Disabled Mangled
2:Leg Scar Disabled Mangled
3-4:Torso Scar Cracked Rib Crushed
5-6:Head Scar Concussed Skullcracked

If you lose flesh by one of these means, use this table instead:

Method1+ Flesh3+ Flesh5+ Flesh
Acid/Fire Scar Burned Save or Blind
Cold/Frost Scar Frostbite Frozen
Lightning Scar Burned Save or Deaf
Magic Scar Anathema Save or Marked

Conditions explained here


At 0 Flesh a character has a fatal wound. If they don’t receive first aid within a turn, they will die.

First aid can happen in a combat round, the administering character must use a gear bubble and succeed at a save.

Outside of combat, first aid takes an ability test. Either way, the character is brought up to 1 flesh. (This counts as binding wounds)

If a player character dies, their player can take over with one of their hirelings. If they don’t have one, they can roll up a new character who will run into the party, mostly naked and barely conscious.

When a player character dies, they should choose an item from their inventory to infuse with a regret. This will be lost for now, but may be recovered later as a tempered item.