Leveling Up

When the party does something heroic, one Level 0 character may become a Level 1, and choose their first class template. Further levels are gained through XP.

Characters gain XP by spending money. For every cp a player character spends, they gain 1 XP.

LevelXP Grit Flesh Save Attack Templates Mastery


You gain your first Mastery Point at 5th level, and every level beyond that.

You can spend a Mastery Point to alter an adjacent ally’s roll. You can influence any in-game d20 or damage roll. You cannot affect magic dice. You cannot affect natural 1s or 20s on a d20. You cannot alter your own roll.


Stars are granted to specific abilities and stats after a crit, or a fumble where the player chose a worse fate than the referee offered. Each player also receives a star at the end of a session which they can put ANYWHERE they wish. When 3 stars accumulate somewhere, the associated thing improves somehow at the end of the session.

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