What’s a Spell?

Spells are extradimentional creatures, like angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, or elementals. Spells cannot be created or destroyed, only captured, moved and altered. Slots You get 1 spell slot per Wizard template, each can hold one spell. With an hour’s study, you may move any number of spells between spellbooks, scrolls, and spell slots - moving to scrolls and spellbooks requires something to write with.

If a wizard dies with spells in thier brain, the spells are trapped there. They can be extracted using specialized and expensive equipment, or the more quick-and-dirty method of eating the wizard’s raw brain, with a Save against turning into a ghoul.

Magic Dice

You get 1 Magic Die per Wizard template. When you cast a spell choose how many dice to invest. The more dice, the more powerful the spell. On a 1-3 the dice are returned to your pool, otherwise they are lost until you have a full night of rest. Spell descriptions have variables based on the MD you used. [dice] means the number of dice, [sum] means the sum of the dice rolled, [highest] means the value of the highest die rolled.

If two of your MD rolled show the same number, you suffer a random mishap. Mishaps are small magical setbacks that are easily overcome. If three or more MD show the same number, you suffer the next doom on your list. Dooms are the undoing of most who toy with magic.

Scrolls and Spellbooks

A scroll is a specially prepared piece of parchment that can hold a spell. A wizard may memorize a spell from a scroll as well as from a spellbook. Anyone may cast a spell from a scroll by burning it, releasing the spell within. This gives one free MD to the casting, a wizard may add their own to increase the power.

Whenever you take water, acid, or fire damage, each scroll has a 50% chance of being destroyed.

Spellbooks may hold multiple spells, and are specially treated against water, acid, and fire.

Robes and Hats

Wearing a genuine wizard robe or hat grants you +1 MD. Anyone can get this bonus.

Wands and Staves

Wands and staves each have a single spell slot. They can be used by anyone with MD. A wizard can’t remove a spell from the slot in a wand or staff, but they can add a spell to an empty one. Potions Potions are single-use magic items. They can be smelled for clues as to their purpose, but must be applied or drunken in full to determine their effect.

Mixing potions can have a variety of chaotic effects, and these can happen in characters stomachs if they drink more than one potion every four hours.

Whenever you take fall damage, each potion bottle has a 50% chance of breaking, and will take effect on the items in your bag.

Tempered Items

Some items become infused with their owner’s regrets. These have magical effects. Touching a tempered item allows someone to know all of its effects, and will afflict them with any curses the item carries. The most recently acquired tempered effect is always active, but older ones must be unlocked by overcoming the associated regret.

A character with any magical ability will be able to spot a tempered item as having a slight rainbow sheen to it.

Tempered items available here