Requirements: Spend a week training under an elder Shaman OR Make placate a dangerous spirit using natural means.

Each level of Shaman gives you +1 Magic Die and +1 Spirit Slot.

  1. Shaman Vision, Spirit Fishing
  2. Pierce the Veil
  3. Force of Nature
  4. Unstoppable Force of Nature

Shaman Vision
You can see spirits. This allows you to read the emotions of people around you, know when an invisible creature is in the same room as you, and spot and capture spells as they float through the aether.

Spirit Fishing
You can spend 1 hour filling your empty spirit slots with random spirits. You can release a spirit from a slot instantly.

Pierce the Veil
You can make unarmed attacks against dangerous spirits of your HD or lower. When you do so, it will drag them into the mortal realm for a number of rounds equal to the damage you dealt against them. While there, they are vulnerable to any mundane attack.

This also works on undead immune to mundane damage.

Force of Nature
You can pull the spirits out of living creatures you touch - They get a chance to save against it. Their bodies become spirit vacuums until another spirit is put in their place, each round there is a 50% chance a random spirit fills the void (Roll 1d12 on your spell list). You need an empty spell slot to store spirits you want to keep out of their original bodies. While a creature’s spirit is in one of your spell slots, you may communicate with any creatures of that type.

You could use this to swap the consciousness of a mouse and an orc warlord, give your recently dead buddy a new life as an elk, or steal spirits from an enemy shaman.

You could just cast any spirit as a spell, though there is some confusion as to what will happen in this case.

Unstoppable Force of Nature
Your Force of Nature ability now counts for creatures you can see.

At 1-2 templates, roll 1d6 on the list below when spirit fishing. At 3-4, roll 1d12.
Your spells are spirits no longer tied to the mortal world, but not yet ready to move on.

  1. Dead Spirit
    Translate a written document or conversation.
    OR Confuse a life-seeking creature of [sum] HD or less.
  2. Tree Spirit
    Read the bark of trees, learning the events of the past 50 years.
    OR Ask a tree who has passed nearby in the past 24 hours.
  3. Spark Spirit
    Start a prepared fire at a distance.
    OR Ask a pile of ashes and embers who brought them to life and who killed them.
  4. Mosquito Spirit
    Know the direction of the nearest edible animal.
    OR Know when the next rain is coming.
  5. Snake Spirit
    Taste lies for [dice] hours.
    OR Spit poison, dealing [dice]d4 damage.
  6. Tuber Spirit
    Find a nearby patch of herbs. An hour of gathering collects enough to make [dice] poultices which restore 1d3 flesh each.
    OR know the location of a safe place to spend the night.
  7. Blaze Spirit
    Ignite all flammable objects in sight. Save vs Magic to protect some things from the flames.
    OR deal [sum] damage to everything in this zone and all adjacent zones.
  8. Darkness Spirit
    Stalk a target for [dice] days. Their actions will be reported to you in your dreams. Save vs Magic to not terrify the target.
    OR blind a target for [sum] days.
  9. Shaman Spirit
    Another shaman, carrying their own spells. Roll 2× more, all three will fit in one slot and may be cast normally.
  10. Rot Spirit
    Destroy [sum] wooden objects completely. Save vs Magic to make this number smaller.
  11. Apex Spirit
    Summon [dice] apex predators. Save vs Magic to give an instruction besides who to attack.
    OR Keep away all animals for [sum] hours.
  12. Swimming Spirit
    Give up to [sum] people the ability to breathe underwater for [dice] hours.

Mishaps (1d6)

  1. Part of your body shifts to the form of a random spirit for 1d6 hours.
  2. Part of your body becomes spectral, and can’t interact with matter for 1d6 hours.
  3. You become covered in vines and flowers for 1d6 hours.
  4. You become a beacon to evil spirits for 1d6x10 minutes.
  5. You become a beacon to dangerous animals for 1d6x10 minutes.
  6. You fade into the spirit world for 1d6x10 minutes.

Dooms can be reversed by giving part of yourself away to a spirit. Lose 1d6 points in a random ability.

  1. Part of your ego gets eaten by a spirit. You lose your convictions.
  2. Part of your body is taken over by a spirit, affecting its form and behaviour.
  3. Your soul is forced from your body, which becomes a chimeric puppet, infested with wild spirits.

Based on the Shaman from Fever Swamp